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School Management System(ERP)

Vertical Techsoft Pvt Ltd is a software company developing resource planning (ERP) software for educational institutes. Through innovative and inclusive use of technology, we aim at connecting parents, teachers and the school administration. The distinct features of our products can be used flexibly – through different web interfaces and through Android apps on your Smartphone. Vertical Techsoft Pvt Ltd Company which has been doing software development jobs over a decade and satisfying customer all over India. School Management Software is specially designed for school people by our team to make functioning of the school administrative and manage work of institute effortless and easy which is carried out on daily basis.

Our ERP System Cover learning, administration and management activities, it manage all the element of the schools including students, courses, exams, teachers, and employees. Web Based School System data manager has an ability to incorporate custom fields for student data, and can support any data formats that your institute uses. Web Based School System, software has an ability to manage all forms of educational institutes efficiently including.


i)A Simple, easy to use and highly accurate user interface for carrying out day to day task operation with ease. Central database management system with backup system for safety and reliability. Manage admission procedure of school with ease and effortlessly. It keeps all records of all the financial transaction of school.Fully fledge Library Management System.
ii)Constantly improving: Our R&D team is constantly working towards understanding the customers and their needs. Our modules get updated automatically with cloud-based software and we release notes and documentation on all updates.
iii) Excellent customer support :Your queries get resolved through a prompt and accurate ticket-based email support. Help is always at hand via a toll-free number and online support.
iv)Saves time: There is always a shortage of one precious resource – time. There’s hardly enough time to engage with your students, inspire your teachers or interact with parents due to other tasks at hand. So, our E-School ERP helps in saving time without costing a fortune.
v) Eliminates redundancy of work :Our E-School ERP removes duplication of work. It expedites the management functions by ensuring that all the information or data once saved is updated and reflected throughout the system, ensuring data consistency.
vi) Easy migration of data :Using E-School ERP, the data signed off in Excel format can be converted to the desired format of ERP and uploaded. It also encourages bulk upload wherein multiple sets of data can be uploaded easily.
vii) A cost-effective solution : Our ERP is available at a cost-effective price with the best of services. Schools of any size can easily choose from different packages of ERP solution and services for better school management.

About Software :

#)A Simple, easy to use and highly accurate user interface for carrying out day to day task operation with ease.
#) Central database management system with backup system for safety and reliability.
#) Manage admission procedure of school with ease and effortlessly.
#) It keeps all records of all the financial transaction of school.
# ) Fully fledge Library Management System.
#) Fees Management and integrated Payroll System.
#) Automatic creation of Identity Card and Certificates on one single click.
#) Generate different types of customized reports on just one click.
#)Manage Student Information, hostel Information, Canteen and transportation information. .
#) Automatic examination system for Students. .
#) Time table generation for all grades and division. .
#) Online notice board, event management and holiday calendar generation. .
#) Extremely efficient and accurate management of enormous amount of data with ease and simplicity. .
#) Student desk providing an interface especially for students to view and manage their day to day work at school. .
#) With the help of communication module teacher’s can send SMS to parents regarding exam schedule, results, lack of attendance, holidays, misbehavior or misconduct. .
#) Low Cost : Economically priced service .


        Year wise login: As we know that every year students go from one class to other. In that case , we have to transfer student of one class to next class. As we change year wise login it becomes easy to transfer all students from one class to next class.

Teacher Login:

I. Individual teacher login.
II. Access as per school requirement. .
III. Send notification SMS / Worksheet to parents, student. .
IV. Better and easy communication with the parents. .
V. Apply for leave, generate salary slip. .
VI. Fill mark using class test. .

Principal Login:

VII. Effective school principals care deeply about student success and recognize that test scores are not the only measure of a quality education. .
VIII. By immersing themselves in all aspects of the school system, principals monitor daily activities, as well as emerging issues. .
IX. No day is the same because of the varied responsibilities of the job. .
X. Can track time table of teacher and student. .
XI. Generate Notice on sinlge click and shre it through SMS or other .

communication tools:

1. Courses & Batches
Smart e-school has facility to sort the entire college in their respective batches, courses and classes. User can do student management as per their respective classes and batches. It has following


1) Student Management System:

i) Student Registration / Admission processes are integrated. .
ii) All document upload facility.
iii) Handling daily attendance, examination, assessments grades. .
iv) Complete dynamic admission flow for colleges and universities. .
Access to student data to create various certifications with just one click of mouse. Generate 200+ reports to satisfy your requirement. NAAC reports to colleges.
The examples of reports are below which are required by the granted schools. I. General Register.
II. Standard wise report .
III. Bonafide Report.
IV. Student Leaving Certificate.
V. Caste wise Reports .
VI. Gender wise Report.

Teacher Management and Payroll Management

Smart e-school has complete Human Resource Management System with intuitive separate dashboard to analyze statics. A highly professional Payroll module make it more best suited for every kind of institute.
2) Teachers Master :
I. Teachers Master / automated staff informantion system.
II. Teachers Attendance/Biometric and RFID Devices.
III. Designation Allotment Reports .
IV. Teacher Details .
V. Teachers Attendance / Leaves Management.
VI. Easy Coustomization of allowance and deduction.
I. Individual Salary.
II. Monthly Deduction .
III. Monthly PF .
IV. Bank Loan.
V. Other Deductions.
VI. Monthly Pay slip Generation.
i) Monthly Deduction Report.
ii) Salary Report .
iii) Performa 2/5 report.

3) Student Attendance:

SMART E-SCHOOL system provides an extensive set of Attendance module for students and teachers as well as they both can access to their attendance detail remotely. It has following role:
a) Catalogue Generation.
b) Roll No allotment.
c) Standard/Division allotment.
d) Standard/Division alteration.
e) Student Attendance Fill up.
f) Reports
i) Student List
ii) Attendance Sheet
iv) Catalogue Report
iv) Leave Report

4) Examination

Examination system is the backbone of every school which requires you to make sure that you are able to accurately and fairly evaluate each student. Our school management software provides you with an easy way to simplify the exam process.
I. Examination Module is develop to configure any type of examination pattern , generate performance analysis and presentable report cards, generate summary sheet II. Allow user to handle automatic grading of exam marks.
III. Print student report cards, Exam result analysis by class , grade, subject and much more.
IV. Suggested on the basis of cbse’s and Gseb’s pattern.
V. Special exam system for college and universities.
VI. Online MCQ Exam on web / mobile.

5) Fees Management:

Smart e-school is a school/college management system which includes hassle free fee management software that helps you you to go paperless by reducing 90% of your manual work which saves your administrative staff with a lot of valuable time.
I. Stores all fees related information along with Customized Installments.
II. Define fee types to be collected for specific school or college
III. Complete summary of payable fees and collected amount.
IV. All reports related fees payable and receipt.
V. Payment gateway facility for online fees collection.

6) Accounts:

Accounts are a major concern for the School administration. Different types of accounts management features are available. Monthly Invoices Generation automatically, Report for overdue and even the defaulter list could be obtained using account section in the Software. Other features of account also include expense management, Transaction history, Cash reports expense report and much more, all is done and stored in the secure and reliable environment.

Daily expense/ income reports or monthly expense reports can be scheduled to be delivered to executives or managers eMail.
I. Allow accounting modules with easy customization.
II. Allows Comprehensive Management of accounts and book keeping.
III. Manage daily book keeping , ledger , Income expense and payment.
IV. Prepare yearly balace sheet , profit loss and trail balance.
V. GST Specific taxation reports.

7) Hostel Management:

System also provides Hostel Management, Room Management, Room Allocation and Hotel Fee Facility which makes the system more advance powerful.
I. The complete integration of hostel management with inventory and financial accounts.
II. Hostel room allotment.
III. Hostel room De- Allocation.
IV. Hostel Room transfer
V. Hostel fees and student Expenses.

8) Library Module:

It has a complete and mature Library Management System with Customized fields, Books Management, Books Issuance and Receiving, Library Membership, Registers system.
I. The librarian can catalogue and maintain all types of books, journals etc.
II. Provision to request new titles, journals and magazines.
III. Powerful search engine allows user to get information in the library in no time.
IV. Charge users for lost / damage books.
V. Issues and returns are also managed without any user intervention.

9) Transport Module:

SMART E-SCHOOL ERP provides complete transport management and information facility i.e. Bus Stop, Bus Routine and Bus allocation services.
I. Route wise Bus Mangement.
II. Stoppage wise student fees collection.
III. Stoppage wise fees collection and due report.
IV. Route wise Fees summary.

10) Miscellaneous Modules:

I. Inbuilt messaging system.
II. Offer bulk SMS
III. Easy and quick way to send message to any user.
IV. Send tailored message to parents , teacher , student and management.
V. SMS can be in Marathi or Hindi also.